Innocent children are crying, their eyes have question, who would help the Abused Children?

Why state make false promises to vulnerable children that we will protect you, we will step in to rescue you to provide safe havens. Sadly, system has broken that promise, not to one child, not to dozens, but to thousands. The children are crying for help. The children are inflicted wounds at the hands of those in whom they trust. Now they need your help. Please do not turn them away - it is easy to ignore them but difficult to protect them.

+ Look at the children trying to survive. The children are tormented and confused because the person inflicting harm and pain are no other than their own mother or father or uncle. The little children have been traumatized by Physical abuse, indecent exposes, Molesting and alleged sexual abuse at the hands of their own mother and their male drunken friends. Many sad stories that would make you cry.

                                  Did you know . . .

*                Every four minutes a child is sexually abused.

*                One in three girls will be sexually abused before the age of 18.

*                One in five boys will be sexually abused before the age of 18.

*                Only 6% of child molesters will ever see the inside of a jail.

          94% of child molesters will walk free.

*                Of the 126,000 children sexually abused each year, one in six are under

          the age of 12, of those 30% are age 4-7.

*                93% of victims know their abuser.

*                Of the abused children, 29% of girls and 48% of boys NEVER tell.

*            Not even 0.01% of world population takes notice of Child Abuse.

                                            Your child could be next ! . . .

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How to bring Hope and Healing in the life of abused children. Let us rebuild the life of abused children by mending their mind and soul and providing them safe havens, by keeping them away from child abusers, by educating at-risk children in diversified communities, by treating them, and by preserving the social values of the family, in a safe and satisfactory manner. A child should not be lost because of adult action. See our programs. Anyone and everyone can make difference in a child's life - Help us improve the lives of abused children. Help us make a difference.  

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